Our Mission is to help everyone in the world understand computers and technology through simple and easy to understand guides.

F1 On-Demand means Help On Demand.
F1 is a key on a computer keyboard that’s supposed to “help” with any computer problems or issues.
Unfortunately, it really isn’t that helpful.

F1 help

The box that comes up is too confusing and too technical for most people. We decided to create a website that is helpful.

The F1 Philosophy –

Our philosophy is to find the most efficient way for everyone in the world to use technology so that it can help better their lives.

So when you buy a computer desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, we’ll walk anyone through how to use it the right way, all the way from when you first take it out of the packaging through every day use.

Any Questions or Suggestions? Please email us at contact@f1ondemand.com